Apparently This is How To Become Art

At two of the most famous art institutions in London – Saatchi Gallery and Tate Modern, these two men decided to take it upon themselves to make themselves into piece of art.

Is it art? Performance art? Installation art? The BEST part about this is that whomever was guarding the rooms at the time was probably just playing their crossword puzzles -in PENCIL obviously, because PENs are forbidden in museums – aka you can’t erase whatever mark it would leave should it fall out of your hands and g-d forbid create something as EXTREME as Yellowism. Or maybe they were just reading their Kindle… Just saying from experience of going to several museums and watching the room attendants – they tend to be in their own world at times.

Lesson of the day – keep your eyes open. Who knows what you will come across???!

XX, DP (@dpayt / @CultureHeARTs)



Mark Rothko. An artistic genius. He may have had psychological issues, but that did not stop his creativity. Shockingly, a stupid idiot, excuse my harsh language, decided to deface one of the Seagram Murals at Tate Modern – as we all know. And what was his punishment? TWO YEARS IN JAIL?! That is all?! Dear Mr. Yellowism, you have committed a sin against artistic humanity. You should forever stay in jail. Your punishment is minimal and disheartening. Maybe you will one day learn that actions speak louder than words. A random psychotic outburst in front of the painting would have been much more entertaining than you defacing cultural property. And for that, I bid you farewell. Enjoy your time in jail.

xx, DP