Street Art Adventures: 5Pointz – Queens

Some people may be hesitant when you think of going to a warehouse in Queens to look at Street Art. To me, this was a NO BRAINER. DUH. The building, which takes up around a block, is covered from head to toe in FABULOUS murals, wheat pastes, stencil works, etc… But actually. While it is sad to think that there are people who want to tear down this landmark (WHY THE EFF WOULD YOU WANT TO DO SUCH A THING?!), I suggest you go out and experience this STREET ART MECCA. 100% worth the trip. 100% BRILLIANT. My pics below do not even give justice to this monument. Check them out and see for yourself, but if you have the time to go out and see it in person before it is torn down, DO IT!











I think you get the picture… This is a GLORIOUS PALACE of Street Ar/Urban Art and CULTURE. I truly hope I have persuaded you to go and visit yourself. It is an experience in itself. Enjoy it and take it in while it lasts.


Camden Street Art Sightings

This past weekend was another one of those absolutely B-E-A-UTIFUL weekends we had in London. So, per usual, I decided to take advantage of the weather and go on yet again, another STREET ART ADVENTURE – YAY. This time, the location was CAMDEN MARKET/HIGH STREET. While I am unsure as to whom any of these artists are… their work still captivated my attention. Hopefully you will He(ART) it like we do.

From artists on the streets creating incredible chalk drawings, to finding wheat pastes, graffiti – especially that of AMY WINEHOUSE – who was born in CAMDEN TOWN, and even a mosaic of LOVE, if you don’t like shopping in Camden – trust me, the art will keep you entertained…

Sidewalk Chalk:


Wheat Paste:


Graffiti: Amy Winehouse, “Nobody Stands In Between Me and My Camden”






Happy Hunting, Happy Week


K and D – Elephant and Castle STREET ART Exploration


So, as per usual, K and I went on another street art adventure, this time, to Elephant and Castle. We came across some absolutely, utterly FAB TO THE MAX pieces, yet we also came across some very politically charged ones as well.

The GRAFFITI JACKPOT area was deserted, but glorious in its own unique way. The housing estates were cleared out. Windows were smashed. Rubbish was everywhere. While some may find this dull and depressing, it is the colourful street art that brought light back to this gloomy environment.

Below are the Politically Charged Pieces we found – intense… I know:




NOW, contrast these political pieces with the bright and brilliant colours of the magnificent murals and enlightening mottos. See for yourself:




And with that last pic, I say we end on a positive note… LIVE YOUR LIFE. Live it to the fullest. Turn a negative situation into a positive one – even though some of you may be thinking how is “vandalising” the emptied projects positive? Well let me tell you something… Go and walk around that area. You will see how colour makes all the difference.

See for yourself, you never know when it will be gone. That is the beauty in graffiti.  One day it can be there, and the next day it is erased. I suggest you embrace it. Embrace life. Follow your He(ART).


East End Art Adventures with K+D


Today K and I decided to first go to Victoria Miro Gallery and see an exhibition by a Dutch artist John Kørner whose show Fallen Fruit From Frislan is currently on display. The works tell a story about the artist’s life and that of his families through their life journeys. There is a sublime and fantastical element to it. Between it’s wooden crafted boat with ceramic figurines standing vertically amongst the other figurines, shaped in the form of Matroyshka dolls – you know those toys that you keep opening and opening finding more dolls capsules insides – there also is an element of one being trapped. The Matrosyshka dolls, whether he purposely intended to create this reference or not, are sealed shut, appearing like they cannot be exposed more than they already have. Or perhaps, they are prisoners of their own minds? Maybe that is extreme but they are absolutely closed off figuratively and physically.

Yet contrasting to this deep metaphorical boat set up on a rug covered skate ramp (cool right?) and bright acrylic canvases that have been washed down appear nothing but brilliantly bright and magical. There is a surrealist quality to these works that makes the viewer question their life – perhaps a life that we take for granted. But we encourage you to go for yourself and develop your own interpretation! Art is there for us to stimulate our crazy minds.

So, after our indoor experience we decided to take our art discovery walk around East London and go “graffiti hunting” as I like to refer to it. While it was truly an adventure going in and out of alleys, searching for fabulous works, we def hit the JACKPOT. Below are Street Art/Urban Art (graffiti and wheat paste) pictures taken from our wonderful splendid journey. Hope you enjoy.

Have a FABULOUS weekend. Cheers.

xx, DP

The Street is Their Canvas

Our Diamond Queen

For those of you who go GAGA for Street Art…boy will you he(ART) our latest recommendation. It’s pretty evident that one of our main focuses with this blog, is to show you all things art from around the world.

Now there are people that might think graffiti is a form of vandalization… because let’s face it, they are defacing property. So some would consider this one of the “lowest forms of art”. We here at CultureHe(ART)s say to those people SHOW YOUR FACES & STATE YOUR CASES!!!! Warhol’s paintings were once deemed “insignificant” and “ugly” (although we are MAJOR fans and do not see why) and NOW look. A piece by Andy can reach sky high price$$. Such is the case with Mr. van Gogh as well. But like we stated in a the previous article “A Bone to Pick with Mr. Hirst; My Spiel”, art should be done for the sake of art – and I think graffiti artists have taken this idea and run with it. The street is their canvas.

There is not one city in the world that you can walk down, without seeing some mural, wheat paste, or tag. For example, walking the streets of Soho in London we came across this uber fabulous graffiti image of the one and only Queen (and boy does she look splendid). There have been efforts made by some cities like Toronto where public figures such as their former Mayor Rob Ford wanted to obliterate the genre. It did not and has not gone down so smoothly.

These efforts have only strengthened artists and furthered their cause. Since we cannot be EVERYWHERE snapping pics of Urban Art…check out this website with Street Art from around the world – Street Art Utopia – ya dig?

Peace Out, K.