Yayoi Kusama – Accumulation Sculptures aka “Sea Creatures” and Paintings @ Victoria Miro

The renowned Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama work’s are currently on exhibition UPSTAIRS at Victoria Miro Gallery. For starters, these works are KOOKY. The artist who recently collaborated with Louis Vuitton adds 7 NEW sculptures (which some could interpret as phallic while personally to me they look like sea creatures) to her Accumulation Series (which she started in the 1960s). The sculptures are surrounded by 12 of her paintings that are vibrant, energetic, and full of life, radiating brilliant colours, various patterns and biomorphic shapes. Kusama’s signature is that of the ever so classy polka-dot which can not only be found in her paintings, but also on the protrusions of her phallic “sea creature” sculptures. Remember, art is what you make of it. Look at it… what do you sea?


The exhibition runs until the 25th of May. I HIGHLY suggest you journey over to Hackney and check it out!


The Old Becoming New: Barnaby Furnas @ Victoria Miro


The subject matter of biblical stories has not been the main focus in art for centuries. Gone are the Raphael’s, the Botticelli’s, the da Vinci’s and Michelangelo’s. Barnaby Furnas, a New York based artist, brings these style of paintings into the 21st Century and fragments them in such a way that they take a new shape, form and function. Portraying this idea, the exhibition “The First and Last Lady” is currently on display at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London.

Furnas believes that “a painting is interesting to me to the degree that I can integrate myself in it’s making”. Furnas implements this idea, by re-creating old religious stories such as the creation of Adam and Eve, The Fall of Mankind and so on through his unique style. He paints these stories with vibrant reds, ocean blues, and sunny yellows. In addition through his loose brush strokes and allowing the paint to drip, it is as if the scenes have become abstracted and blurred – to a certain degree. It definitely is a modern take on an artistic and even religious tradition. Wouldn’t you say so?

Peace Out, K.

P.S. the exhibition is on until the 25th of May so GOOOOO!

East End Art Adventures with K+D


Today K and I decided to first go to Victoria Miro Gallery and see an exhibition by a Dutch artist John Kørner whose show Fallen Fruit From Frislan is currently on display. The works tell a story about the artist’s life and that of his families through their life journeys. There is a sublime and fantastical element to it. Between it’s wooden crafted boat with ceramic figurines standing vertically amongst the other figurines, shaped in the form of Matroyshka dolls – you know those toys that you keep opening and opening finding more dolls capsules insides – there also is an element of one being trapped. The Matrosyshka dolls, whether he purposely intended to create this reference or not, are sealed shut, appearing like they cannot be exposed more than they already have. Or perhaps, they are prisoners of their own minds? Maybe that is extreme but they are absolutely closed off figuratively and physically.

Yet contrasting to this deep metaphorical boat set up on a rug covered skate ramp (cool right?) and bright acrylic canvases that have been washed down appear nothing but brilliantly bright and magical. There is a surrealist quality to these works that makes the viewer question their life – perhaps a life that we take for granted. But we encourage you to go for yourself and develop your own interpretation! Art is there for us to stimulate our crazy minds.

So, after our indoor experience we decided to take our art discovery walk around East London and go “graffiti hunting” as I like to refer to it. While it was truly an adventure going in and out of alleys, searching for fabulous works, we def hit the JACKPOT. Below are Street Art/Urban Art (graffiti and wheat paste) pictures taken from our wonderful splendid journey. Hope you enjoy.

Have a FABULOUS weekend. Cheers.

xx, DP