You think you have problems? How do you deal with them? Is art your means of working through these issues, whether mental or physical? Look at this smile – put all your issues aside. PUSH THROUGH. BELIEVE in YOURSELF.

Well folks, I have got to say. Carlos Guevara is all the RAGE. He will not let his struggles hold him back… and his struggle is turrets and OCD. Forget the turrets. Forget it. Seriously, this kid works through his disabilities through a voice that will bring you to tears. It is so absolutely incredible, inspirational, and motivational. Watch him sing John Mayer’s Gravity and keep a tissue near by. This is one of the most beautiful moments I have ever witnessed on TV, and for me, who watches tons of tele, that says ALOT.



Nancy Holt – the Land Art Goddess

Sun Tunnels

Nancy Holt is no stranger to the contemporary art world – she’s been holding it down for Land Art ever since the early 1970s and continues to do so today. Arriving at Whitechapel Gallery (in East London) to hear her speak as a part of the To Make a Tree series I was no less than ecstatic to see the woman in the flesh, as energetic and excited as ever to share her body of work. As she flashed slide after slide on the screen she shared her personal history, processes, and small but excruciating details that went into creating her pieces – including seminal works like Sun Tunnels (above) and Dark Star Park. She drew the audiences attention to her interests in ruins, the beginnings of her buried poems and other works like Hydra’s Head and Rock Rings. Located here, there and everywhere in between (and by this we mean obscured and isolated locations in the most remote areas of the USA), Holt has created mass, intricate works of art that are, “sights that draw the world in.” You might not of heard it here first, but Nancy Holt is no less than EXTRAORDINARY and her works are a reflection of her intimate understanding of the earth, sky and stars above, which she so generously shares with us. If ever you are so lucky to witness her geniusness, you will then understand how truly magical her works are. She is a Goddess, a force to be reckoned with.

Cheers, Nyx