You Call This Your Greatest Masterpiece, We Call it HORRENDOUS

In one of our previous articles, “Battle of the Portraits: Kate vs. Durer” we commented on how Kate’s “royal” portrait was lacking in just about everything. But seriously. Durer looked 100x better than the Duchess.

Read this article and witness how the artist, Paul Emsley, not only admits that there is another version (which we OBVIOUSLY want to see but he REFUSES to share it with the public), but he too boldly declares the portrait on display at the National Gallery in London is his greatest masterpiece. LOOK ABOVE. THIS PHOTOGRAPH OF HIM WITH HIS “MASTERPIECE” SHOWS HIM NOT ONLY LOOKING DOWN, BUT HIS ARMS ARE FOLDED. Is this a sign of success? Sir, your body language is saying NO.

Sorry Emsley. Hate to break it to you, it is almost mocking royalty portraiture over the past centuries. You have broken tradition. Seriously dude. Maybe you should look at past examples of how royalty is depicted. I think it would help.

Hope you take my advice Paul E.,

xx, DP