HUDSON @ The Viper Room 6/22/2013


California based (Oklahoma born) artist HUDSON will be preforming at the one and only Viper Room (click for details and tickets) in LA this SATURDAY. Check out his single “Chained” below.

If you’re in LALA Land we HIGHLY suggest you check out the show.

For more info on Hudson and his upcoming shows, follow his twitter and like him on Facebook – that is if you want the inside scoop… why wouldn’t you?! He’s redic – and I mean that in the best way possible.


P.S. Shout out to our musical gal pal LP (@leanneperice) for the heads up. Good eye. GREAT ears. Just all around a FABULOUS human being. We He(ART) You!

The Venice Biennale – My Afterthoughts

What struck me the most at the Venice Biennale was how I decided I am a modernist and I don’t know where my he(ART) lies in contemporary art. However, with that being said, I still found pavilions and artists I do admire and found some pretty incredibly intriguing works.
To begin, Ryan Trecartin never disappoints and is always a good laugh watching his drag-style videos. While to me they are never a bore, it is tres interesting to find some people were literally passed out at one of his viewing spots in the Encyclopedic Palace. But actually, knocked out. Unconscious. This was not my case, for I was avidly watching his films, as I always do. If you ever get the opportunity to watch one, DO IT.
In terms of Pavilions though, my ABSOLUTE most FAVOURITE pavilion was the Netherlands Pavilion in which sculptures were erected out of clay and wood, amongst found objects. The sculptures were a combination of portrait like busts in various sizes, amongst a wooden table that had a clay sculpted lady attached to the front of the table, in a viking-ship like style. What happens when the clay dries?? But besides all this when you were up close looking at the sculptures they had incredibly strong facial features that captivated my eye.
The COREA pavilion was interesting as well. The iridescent building was without a doubt eye catching, and yet the experience inside was polar opposite. For the “show” inside the pavilion was for you to experience darkness and silence in a room with a few others for a mere 60 seconds. Keep in mind though – you can wait up to 20 minutes to stand in what some may consider a closet with no lights and sound – so you could try and experience this at home  – although I do not recommend it. Your roommates or relatives may find this odd.
Anri Sala’s Ravel Ravel Unravel video series for the FRENCH Pavilion (which technically took place in the German Pavilion – they made a switcharoo) was nevertheless intriguing, captivating, and moving. I highly recommend taking the time to sit down and watch the videos – just don’t lean on the walls or else a little lady will come and make you move.


While I know there are 50+ more pavilions to discuss, this is what I have to share for now. If yo get the opportunity to go, make sure you don’t miss these works. Trust me. They are some of the BEST.


Fresh Sounds Saturday: Bridge “Do Ya Right”


Here is a NEW artist our FAB FUNKY FRESH friend LP came across – BRIDGE. We have had the song on repeat… but actually. It is ADDICTING and get’s our He(ART)beat going! We cannot wait to interview this LA lad! Check out his music/music video below!

Enjoy and Spread the Love. Music is the key to one’s He(ART).


p.s. you can follow Bridge on twitter @xxbridge

Joseph Beuys vs. Jay-Z

Before you watch the video of the mastermind Hennessy Youngman (posted below) I thought I would introduce you to the actual art-historical background of the piece H.Y. talks about: Joseph Beuys “I Like America and America Likes Me.” So with that being said, I shall begin.

In the Second World War, Beuys was flying airplanes for the German army. But his place crashed in Crimea and he was saved by nomadic Tartars. They wrapped him in animal fat and felt to raise his body temperature. While this was a life changing experience for Beuys, it became a dominent theme within his art – what are the most essential things in life? How are we connected to nature? Basic elements are key.

It was in 1974 When Beuys decided to create a performance “I Like America and America Likes Me.” In this performance, the German artist came over to America and did a performance in the Rene Block Gallery in New York City in which the artist places himself in a room where visitors would come and witness his “creativity” –  which can also be thought of the dumbest decision a person could ever make. Who wants to spend a whole week with a coyote?!

Beuys spent a week with an uncaged coyote. Genius? I’m not so sure? Entertaining?! Nevertheless. The props that he used in his performance besides the coyote were a felt blanket (felt is something you find often in his works such as his “Felt Suit” and so on…) and a crook. The crook too could thought of obtaining shaman powers through its association of the shaman staff, a power wielding element. Apparently, Beuys had enough power over the coyote, that he was never attacked. Thankfully. But this notion of living with an untamed creature recalls not only elements of danger, but also recalls the notions of living in a primitive environment, way back in the day, like way way way back.

In his performance, he tells his new, friend the coyote, whether wrapped in his felt or unwrapped, about America. But those who were looking in on the performance could not hear anything. This idea of telling an animal a story, something that the visitors could not hear, was nothing new for Beuys, for he had done somewhat something along the same lines in 1965 “How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare.” Let me tell you, many spectators felt left out. Why is it that these animals dead (as in the case of the hare) or alive (as in the case of the coyote) get to listen to Beuys and we don’t?! Well, for the sake of the artist, he felt that these animals were the only ones worthy of hearing his thoughts? And yet, we the public, although annoyed, could not stop watching.

Is Beuys crazy? Possibly. But he was a crazy genius that captivated the attention of the world. And Hennesy Youngman, a very well educated art-enthusiast decides to create an ingenius comparison between Beuys and Jay-Z – something that I never thought would have any correlation, but apparently it does… watch for yourself!