James Turrell @ Guggenheim NYC

What do you think of when you hear the artist’s name James Turrell? Some of you may not have heard of him. Some of you folks may have heard of him in passing… since his newest solo show (since the 1980s) at the Guggenheim in NYC is beyond INCREDIBLE. But actually.

Turrell wants you to take in the environment in which you are positioned, and uses a light source to emulate a state that can eventually turn your experience ┬áinto one in which you reach a transcendental state of mind. He plays with your sight senses through having colours fade into one another in the infamous Guggenheim spiral entrance… you know, that space where the ODDBALL contemporary artist Matthew Barney once did his Cremaster series.

Here are pictures from my journey. I will never forget and forever cherish this experience, for when is the next time I will be able to witness such an event again? Remember, many of his works are found in outdoor remote locations -so if you’re in NYC vs. the outskirts of Utah you might as well take advantage of the situation.


Lay on your back. Absorb the light. Let it play with your mind. See where it takes you. Don’t be scared, ET will not jump down from the ceiling, but you may think of light like you never have before…



Matthew Barney – Fantasy Freakshow?

Cremaster 3

Matthew Barney – shocked? confused? repulsed? What is there to say about this Yale University graduate? What isn’t there to say? This Houdini ancestor (or so the story goes), husband of Bjork, and back in the day a fashion model, creates art that without a doubt creates a unique reaction. Unique. I don’t know any other word (or for that case words) to describe his work. Whether he’s dressed up in drag or climbing the walls of the Guggenheim for his Cremaster series (enter if you dare), this artist is testing the limits of the body. At what point can it go no further? At what point does his work become grotesque? Is it grotesque? Is it appealing? It for sure is fantasy-like… but is there a market for that in today’s society? What is your he(ART) telling you?

xx, DP