MILLIE BROWN: Gross, Grotesque, or Gorgeous? (Warning, Viewer Discretion Advised)


Millie Brown. You may have heard of her. You may have not. You may have seen her in LADY GAGA’s music video (see clip below), and been like “WHO IS THIS YOUNG LADY WHO STICKS HER FINGERS DOWN HER THROAT TO VOMIT (LITERALLY VOMIT) BLUE GLITTER MILK ONTO GAGA’s GOWN?!!!” in her video “Exorcist Interlude.” Some critics are even calling her the next Jackson Pollock (read this article – I swear I am not making up this connection). Is this real life?! Sadly, yes.

She has gotten her art down to a perfection. Brown starves herself for two days. By resisting any form of nutrients, she makes sure there is nothing inside of her that would contribute negatively (if this is not sending a negative message in itself) to her abstract painting (see example through image below).

Rainbow Vomit 4

After two days, she is ready to put on her performance. If this isn’t gross enough, you may want to STOP here. THANK YOU FOR READING, TRULY I APPRECIATE IT HOWEVER, WARNING: I GET INTO MORE DETAIL…


Anyways, MB dyes the milk colours of her choice for the canvas. She typically sits and drinks, once in a while stands, but only drinks one colour at a time. She then regurgitates this one colour onto the canvas (see image above) until she feels it is completely out of her system. She will force her fingers down her throat multiple times. Again. And Again. And Again. Literally, until the last drop is out of that colour… And then restarts. ONTO THE NEXT COLOUR.


While Pollock may have been a drunk, and died because of his disease, he was creating these FANTASTIC performances pieces in themselves through his movements seen by the traces of paint dripped and splattered onto the canvas.

Brown, on the other hand, who is getting LOADS of attention, and sadly I’m just feeding into it here, is, breaking away from “traditional” performance art, but is she? Think Yoko Ono “Cut Piece,” any of Marina Abramović’s “Rhythm” series, Joseph Beuys’ “I like America and America Likes Me…”All of these artists have put themselves in harm’s way. And willingly. But they were not making themselves throw up on command. Especially now, in a society that is pressured by “looks” – i’m so sorry to say this, but “WHAT THE EF?!”

What kind of a message is she sending to all societies and their youth? What message is GAGA sending?! We know GAGA is all about the arts, but she has a tremendous youth following! HOW IS THIS OK? It is one thing to test your body to the limits through strength and endurance, but it is another thing to be bulimic and be making money off of such a sick process, literally. Personally, i’d prefer one of Warhol’s “Piss” pieces. At least it was a natural bodily function.

Well CultureHe(ART)s, sorry for the disturbance, but I wanted you to be “in the know” should anyone be taking about this “new girl on the block” that vom.coms to make art.

Now it’s LADA GAGA vs. LADY GAG. OY. If you would like to see a true performance piece feel free to look it up on YouTube. I truly do not believe in sharing any more of her videos, because I believe it is sending a completely dysfunctional message, even though the finished product may be viewed to some as “beautiful” and “gorgeous.” What do you think?


Gross, Grotesque, or Gorgeous?

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Joseph Beuys vs. Jay-Z

Before you watch the video of the mastermind Hennessy Youngman (posted below) I thought I would introduce you to the actual art-historical background of the piece H.Y. talks about: Joseph Beuys “I Like America and America Likes Me.” So with that being said, I shall begin.

In the Second World War, Beuys was flying airplanes for the German army. But his place crashed in Crimea and he was saved by nomadic Tartars. They wrapped him in animal fat and felt to raise his body temperature. While this was a life changing experience for Beuys, it became a dominent theme within his art – what are the most essential things in life? How are we connected to nature? Basic elements are key.

It was in 1974 When Beuys decided to create a performance “I Like America and America Likes Me.” In this performance, the German artist came over to America and did a performance in the Rene Block Gallery in New York City in which the artist places himself in a room where visitors would come and witness his “creativity” –  which can also be thought of the dumbest decision a person could ever make. Who wants to spend a whole week with a coyote?!

Beuys spent a week with an uncaged coyote. Genius? I’m not so sure? Entertaining?! Nevertheless. The props that he used in his performance besides the coyote were a felt blanket (felt is something you find often in his works such as his “Felt Suit” and so on…) and a crook. The crook too could thought of obtaining shaman powers through its association of the shaman staff, a power wielding element. Apparently, Beuys had enough power over the coyote, that he was never attacked. Thankfully. But this notion of living with an untamed creature recalls not only elements of danger, but also recalls the notions of living in a primitive environment, way back in the day, like way way way back.

In his performance, he tells his new, friend the coyote, whether wrapped in his felt or unwrapped, about America. But those who were looking in on the performance could not hear anything. This idea of telling an animal a story, something that the visitors could not hear, was nothing new for Beuys, for he had done somewhat something along the same lines in 1965 “How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare.” Let me tell you, many spectators felt left out. Why is it that these animals dead (as in the case of the hare) or alive (as in the case of the coyote) get to listen to Beuys and we don’t?! Well, for the sake of the artist, he felt that these animals were the only ones worthy of hearing his thoughts? And yet, we the public, although annoyed, could not stop watching.

Is Beuys crazy? Possibly. But he was a crazy genius that captivated the attention of the world. And Hennesy Youngman, a very well educated art-enthusiast decides to create an ingenius comparison between Beuys and Jay-Z – something that I never thought would have any correlation, but apparently it does… watch for yourself!