Lower East Side NYC Graffiti

If you are around the Lower East Side/Chinatown look up, look down, look all around – but actually. There is so much STREET ART to be seen. And this is just to lead you in the the direction of more FABULOUS urban works… From the notorious Kenny Scharf (first image) to Curtis Kulig (second image), and Invader (third image)… there is a full day of hunting down there (and it is a good time to go when it is cold to avoid the chinatown fish smell – yuck). But seriously, there are some EPIC pieces!





Happy Hunting!



Soho (London) Street Art Sightings

If you are in Soho around Frith Street, keep your eyes open for these three new pieces, or at least new to my eye.

The first is an incredible stencil piece by #PaulDonSmith (below) I assume entitled “When Liberace Smiles” by the hand written text he added to this masterpiece. Truly fascinating. Detailed is an understatement. Brilliant in colour and technique.


The second piece that I came across was a piece that was done by the organisation Secret Walls. A company that creates local competitions between local street artists in cities from across the world (London, NYC, Berlin, and more) to create fabulous murals for the people. While I am unsure of the artist below, maybe you could help me out. Regardless of the artist, I still find this idea fascinating. Check out this black and white gem (below).


Lastly, I looked up and BOOM: an Invader (below). Shockingly, and I do not know how, I have never come across it before. While it is small and fading, it is still an Invader and still an artist I admire and am always excited to come across.


Happy Hunting Kids.


Street Art Saturday

Well once again East London has not disappointed me in terms of Street Art. Below are my top 4 favourite sightings I captured this week in the neighbourhood.

Top Left: Invader Top Right: Daleast Bottom Left: Roa Bottom Right: Phlegm

image-1 image-4 image image-3

Get out there, and go find these dudes! While some are more tucked away than others, the experience of coming across these works is what make makes it exciting and thrilling! It def gets my he(ART)beat going! But actually…


Invading Luxury

Invading Fashion

You’ve seen him on the streets of Paris, Miami, London, and more. And now, you can have your very own INVADER. While the thrill of seeing one on the streets is tres “cooler,” why not pick one up online at the MOCA online store or if you’re in London… Pick one up at Tate Modern. What a great way to bring street style to luxury.

xx, DP