PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: FREAKING OUT over an Ancient Egyptian Sculpture


I honest to G-d have no words to describe what I am witnessing. After working in an Egyptian Archaeology museum here in London I have NEVER EVER, NEVER EVER EVER EVER seen ANYTHING like this. Watch this video… you will be spooked. It’s as if an ancient Egyptian’s ka (soul) is coming back to say something?! I’m FREAKING out!!! This is just CRAZY I tell ya.

I would embed the video but every time I tried for some MYSTERIOUS reason it would not publish!!!! (click on VIDEO to watch). I promise this is not a joke.

For more information on what is going on check out the article from The Independent.


The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology – The Perfect Hidden Treasure, Not So Hidden Anymore


No need to go to Egypt. Just come to London. The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology (located on UCL’s campus) has over 80,000 artifacts (only 10% is on display though), and yet you will still find it overwhelming. Whether you are looking at steles, amulets, shabtis, or canpoic jars, you will be amazed at what this small space (yet magnanimous in terms of cultural artifacts) has to offer from Egyptian and Sudanese archaeology. For starters they have the one of the first pieces of linen from Egypt that dates to around 5000 BCE. They have the earliest examples of glazing, the earliest ‘cylinder seal’ dating to about 3500 BCE… and even the oldest papyrus gynecological record.

Wait, did I mention that this museum is children friendly? Bring your kids there. Dress them up like Cleopatra or a Pharaoh. Take them on a journey around the museum through a trail that has been planned out for children to discover some of the top treasures the museum has to offer. Make it a family day! Why not? Get the family cultured! Oh, did I mention it is FREE entry?! I don’t think it can get much better than that. Go and enjoy. And if you don’t want to bring the children, there are also cultural, yet thoroughly entertaining (that I can assure you) talks at night covering a range of topics – FREE ENTRY as well, just need to RSVP. Check out “What’s On” at the Petrie! Maybe you’ll even find me there!

xx, DP