The 5 Year Old Art Critic: Sunday Funday Verdicts on Art – It’s Weird

To sum up what a five year old sees in art: William de Kooning’s work looks like a man with boobs. Picasso’s Dora Maar looks like HE’s wearing a mask. Pollock’s work looks like graphic drawing. Munch’s The Scream head looks weird. Chagall’s work is too complex for this five year old. And Mona Lisa – well this munchkin is really searching deep. At least her parents are having her learn how to look at art from an early age! You go girl!!!!

XX, DP (@dpayt – Instagram and twitter)

Sotheby’s Evening Impressionist and Modern Art Auction Results: May 5 2013

Last night Sotheby’s in London had an evening sale of Impressionist and Modern Art (click on the link for all the results). One of the sale highlight’s was Picasso’s “FEMME ASSISE PRÈS D’UNE FENÊTRE” (painting above and to the left). The painting is that of Picasso’s muse Marie Therese-Walter, who representes sex and desire in 20th Century Art. Picasso creates her using curvilinear lines, unlike that of another one of his lovers, Dora Maar (above and to the right), whom he portrays in more geometric and linear terms – remember Picasso was a massive womanizer and had many lovers. “FEMME ASSISE PRÈS D’UNE FENÊTRE” piece sold for $41 million – not breaking the high estimate but still not too shabby.

An artist who did break almost all of his high estimates is Egon Schiele. Apparently his work is a hot commodity in today’s art world. His Self-Portrait (pictured above) “Green Shirt with Eyes Closed” (1914) sold for almost $8 Million, almost double that of his high estimate. Way to go Egon!

The next sale we are uber-excited for is the Evening Contemporary Sale on February 12, 2013! Can’t see what prices Basquiat, Bacon, and Richter reach!