Kick Ass 2 – The Hirst Shark Reference


While I must admit I have not seen Kick Ass (the original), the second is HYSTERICAL. And the best part – the DAMIEN HIRST reference – to that, ya know, RIDICULOUS SHARK TANK entitled the even more RIDICULOUS, “The Physical Impossibilities of Death in the Mind of Someone Living.”

Ok so not only does the not so superhero “Mother F*cker,” apparently previously known as “Red Mist” obtain a shark tank (above – image released from the director’s Twitter account), but this tank is not full of formaldehyde, rather it is full of water and a LIVE shark, that doesn’t move… Eventful, eh?

In the movie it makes a statement about money, the shock factor, power, and life – sound familiar? WELL DUH – that just sums up our dearest (NOT) YBA in a nutshell. Hirst specifically commissioned a fisherman to fish for a shark large enough that it looked like it could eat you alive. Does this shark, aka Hirst’s work (below) scream all of the above? Keep in mind it sold for 8 MILLION DOLLARS in 2004. The 8 milli would have ate me alive had I ever bought such a grotesque work… but wait till you see the size of the shark in Kick Ass… It is just too good to be true.


How many better ways can we find to spend our money? How many better ways are there to show off you know what is going on in the Contemporary Art world – MANY, I would say… so why would they pick HIRST? They might as well have covered a superhero in DOTS. But actually…


Damien Hirst as a PR Fool? “Money Can’t Buy You Class” Mr. YBA


Pre-Warning: Profanity is in this video. If you get offended easily this may not be for you.

Fabricated. Ridiculous. Mass-produced. Dots. Dots. Dots. And yet, how does the YBA Damien Hirst present himself to the WORLD? Our man Hennessy Youngman says it best:

Do your pose. Strike it. But maybe not like Damien… Regardless of how much money he has… he just looks absurd – and that may even be an understatement. Countess LuAnn from Real Housewives NY sings in her one and only single (thank goodness): “Money Can’t Buy You Class.” Now isn’t that the truth? Damien, take a hint.

Here is her vid incase you missed out on this…

Just saying.



A Bone to Pick with Mr. Hirst; My Spiel

Ever since the Tate’s exhibit of Damien Hirst (which ran from April 4-
9 September 2012), I have had a bone to pick with this so-called
“artist”. Maybe I am romanticizing the notion of what art should
be, but I believe whole-heartedly that art should be done for the sake
of art! Hirst has twisted this and has created art for the sake of
profit – YES, I SAID IT. Don’t get me wrong. He is an
amazing marketer and perhaps, if stretching it, you could call his marketing “skills” a type of
artform… BUT to call his shocking pieces “art” would discredit the
practice altogether. To shock the public with “Mother and Child” or
his 65 ft. Pregnant Women (which created controversy – picture above) is an easy thing to do.
Why not come up with something admirable, beautiful,
conceptual…Oh wait, you had a Butterfly Room at Tate Modern, and then you were called the “Butterfly Killer.” Your work has become too commercialized. GO AWAY!!!

Peace Out, K.