What You Don’t See in Yourself Other’s See… Incredible Sketches of Life: Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches”

Long story short: watch this video to get inspired. DOVE HAS REALLY CREATED A POWERFUL MESSAGE.

Whatever you see in yourself is not how other’s see you. Have more faith in yourself. Love yourself more. Realise the world see’s you in a different light. We all need to realise that we are greater than who we think we really are.

See how these women describe themselves to a FORENSIC artist who creates a sketch based on their personal description. Then watch and listen how other’s describe what they see in these women to the artist, who then generates portraits based on the onlookers description’s. Whose sketch is more accurate? Tis INCREDIBLE.

XX, DP (follow us on Instagram @CultureHeARTs)

A Bone to Pick with Mr. Hirst; My Spiel

Ever since the Tate’s exhibit of Damien Hirst (which ran from April 4-
9 September 2012), I have had a bone to pick with this so-called
“artist”. Maybe I am romanticizing the notion of what art should
be, but I believe whole-heartedly that art should be done for the sake
of art! Hirst has twisted this and has created art for the sake of
profit – YES, I SAID IT. Don’t get me wrong. He is an
amazing marketer and perhaps, if stretching it, you could call his marketing “skills” a type of
artform… BUT to call his shocking pieces “art” would discredit the
practice altogether. To shock the public with “Mother and Child” or
his 65 ft. Pregnant Women (which created controversy – picture above) is an easy thing to do.
Why not come up with something admirable, beautiful,
conceptual…Oh wait, you had a Butterfly Room at Tate Modern, and then you were called the “Butterfly Killer.” Your work has become too commercialized. GO AWAY!!!

Peace Out, K.