Where Do You Buy Your Prints? A Guide to Buying Great Work at FAB Prices. Cha-Ching $$


Recently, I have become a fan of collecting prints. Since I am a student, this is my best way of collecting ART. And since we all He(ART) Art – I thought I would share my favourite places for ordering prints at REASONABLE PRICE$… now doesn’t that sound fun?! I think so!

Prescription Art has works from Street Artist’s RUN to DSCREET, to SHUBY and MIGHTY MO. The works range in price from a mere 60£ (sometimes less when they are on SALE – YES I SAID SALE) to works that range in the 1,000s. A fabulous collection of prints, especially urban art based can be found and purchased here. A website you MUST check out.

Buckshot Prints is another great website to find street art/urban art based prints are GREAT prices, although their collection is nothing compared to that of Prescription Art –  they still have SUPER works at INSANE prices – especially considering all works are signed and numbered! LOVE. (I just ordered my first RISK initial print from them – stoked for it’s arrival)

Or sometimes the best way to order prints is through artist’s run websites: such as Buff Monster’s newest site (All My Favorite Flavors Print above), as well as one of my FAVOURITE street artist Free Humanity’s website store as well – where you can find prints such Yoda Paint Saber (below) for a mere $50 dollars.


According to the Street Art legend himself (follow him on instagram @FreeHumanity): “When you buy this print you are not just buying a piece of art work, you are supporting street art to thrive and sustain.
You are saying No to Social Manipulation and Yes to the Awaking of the Mind. You Can help plant positive seeds of your own by supporting The Free Humanity Campaign keep Conscience Art on the Streets.”

Lastly, If you’re out of school and looking for let’s say a more classic collection of prints of per say like Robert Indiana, Rauschenberg, Warhol, Matisse, and even Rembrandt, check out the fabulous website Printed-Editions. As a source for fine art prints, they have works from galleries all over the world at your finger tips ready for purchase.

Get Your Collection On Peeps, The Time is NOW. He(ART) the ART that you buy. Brighten up your homes. Brighten up your lives. Find an artist that makes you happy. Embrace it.


Hello Kitty Art – But Seriously…


So we all know that cat with the bow, who every girl, whether they admit it or not, has once loved at some point in their lifetime. But seriously? What is her deal? When did she get so immersed in the contemporary art scene? Shepard Fairey created his own as I like to call it “Obey the Kitty” version where street art meets Japanese cultural icon in 2010 (image above). By creating this image, he has re-appropriated this Japanese fictional character (designed by Yuko Shimizu, first introduced in 1974) and turned her into a mistress of the streets, commanding everyone’s attention by geniously having her not only hold a spray paint can, but she too is holding an image of Andre the Giant, a trademark of Fairey.

But Fairey is not the only artist who has taken part in this trend? Is it a trend? I’m still unsure. Continuing, Buff Monster, another street artist, also created his own version of the starlet (image above). Although these both were produced a few years back, I still continue to think how clashing cultures can be a good thing. Why not take risks? Take something and make it your own. Give it a twist. Put a spin on it. Have fun. Make Statements from the He(Art).

xx, DP