Street Art Adventures: Shoreditch, London

East London: Bricklane. Shoreditch. Alternative. Hipster (please don’t be offended) … Words to describe such a location. To me, what comes to mind is STREET ART, BABYYYY! Ya buddyyyyyy! My Sunday FUNDAY was not filled with shopping in markets, rather it was exploring what the East End of London had to offer… and that was URBAN ART GALORE. All the MAJOR names were present. Check below to see a glimpse of what I saw, but if you’re ever in the hood spend a few hours. Look up, look down, go down alleys (not at night) and seriously see this rad and diverse works ranging from stencil grafts to wheat pastes, to mixed media works!! Enjoy!



Jana & JS:




Alexis Diaz:


C215 aka Christian Guemy:




Graffiti Life:


and lastly, I came across some unknown artist that is tagging and making works entitled “ART is TRASH” using found garbage on ze streets of London compiling them into works of “ART” – dare I say (more on these works to follow within the week).



Remember kids, one man’s trash is another man’s TREASURE. HAPPY HUNTING, and may the odds be ever in your FAVOUR!


David Shillinglaw’s “My Idea of Fun”


Currently on show at Stolen Space Gallery in London is David Shillinglaw‘s solo show entitled “My Idea of Fun.” While I have yet to see the show I have only heard AMAAAAZING reviews about it. BUT – THE SHOW ENDS SUNDAY. SO, enjoy this beautiful weather and GET OUT THERE! On top of seeing a fabulous show with incredible works, the artist himself will be present in the gallery doing some drawings! How cool is that?!

Enjoy the weather, Enjoy the art. Have a FANTASTIC weekend kids!!

XX, DP (@dpayt)

P.S. follow David on Instagram @davidshillinglaw or check out his website !