JUNGLE FEVER in LONDON – Lynnie Zulu’s Pop Up Show


JUNGLE FEVER is a THRILLING ride into the WILD world of Lynnie Zulu. Her bold tribal graphics – with a jazzy, psychedelic twist – lead us on an expedition into the unknown. Zulu’s spontaneous and fluid style imprints her vivacious personality on all her work. Her connections with Tanzania also enable her to draw from a deep well of African creativity.

For her FIRST solo show, she has made spectacular use of the vibrant patterns and colours found in tropical rainforests and jungles. Her fascination with the individual also introduces us to a community of mysterious and charismatic characters. Faces magically emerge from the patterns and rhythms of their surroundings. Zulu’s work transforms the space, conjuring up a world of exotic fantasy in a Victorian building in Notting Hill. For this event, she has worked closely with DJ and producer Nick Hadfield who will programme a live soundtrack to the art and space over 2 days. Expect to hear Afrobeat and Calypso – mixed with a fresh, electronic edge – harmonising perfectly with the art.

Proceeds from the art sales will be donated to Kith & Kids (no. 1080972) who provide activities, opportunities and support for people with learning disabilities or autism.

Thursday 21st March: Print Release at 6pm. (Prints start at 50GBP)

Friday 22nd March: Fundraising Party from 7pm until 1am with guest DJs.

At Bumpkin’s Attic, 209 Westbourne Park Road, London, W11 1EA.

Please RSVP to: info@somethingintheattic.co.uk stating which date(s) you would like to attend.


xx, DP

Inez Hollander – Portraits from Her Point of View – Miami Mosaic


Inez Hollander (self portrait above on the left), a lifetime Miami resident, created a series that obeys recognition. Her subjects include a lawyer, a real estate agent, a construction worker, a hairdresser, a mother of three trying to become a singer, a dance teacher working with blind students and a retired civil service worker known as the “King of the Nude Beach.” Hollander realized that this distinctive group represented a cross-section of Miami. And thus began the inspiration for Miami Mosaic, a portrait series.

With vibrant, primary colors and bold, unrelenting brushstrokes, Hollander’s portraits in her Miami Mosaic series (of which more than 200 portraits have been created to date) capture the emotions of her subjects in almost a Bacon-ess psychological portrayal kind of way with Fauve-esque flare. The viewer sees individual faces but together these individuals make up Miami as a whole. In creating the series and documenting the various people around her, Ms. Hollander has assumed a role that Jewish people have historically occupied: that of chronicler and storyteller in the Diaspora – in the multicultural melting pot land known as Miami. Hollander felt that many of the city’s best qualities were ignored by the media, which grossly misrepresented her hometown as a city of gangsters and drug lords, a portrayal made popular by such television shows as Miami Vice and The Real Housewives of Miami. Hollander’s response to this unfair portrayal was to capture a snapshot of Miami from her perspective, that of an artist, a mother, a wife, and a Jew, living in one of the world’s most multi-cultural environments.

You can check out her exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Florida from 12 February – 05 May 2013.

xx, DP