Matthew Barney – Fantasy Freakshow?

Cremaster 3

Matthew Barney – shocked? confused? repulsed? What is there to say about this Yale University graduate? What isn’t there to say? This Houdini ancestor (or so the story goes), husband of Bjork, and back in the day a fashion model, creates art that without a doubt creates a unique reaction. Unique. I don’t know any other word (or for that case words) to describe his work. Whether he’s dressed up in drag or climbing the walls of the Guggenheim for his Cremaster series (enter if you dare), this artist is testing the limits of the body. At what point can it go no further? At what point does his work become grotesque? Is it grotesque? Is it appealing? It for sure is fantasy-like… but is there a market for that in today’s society? What is your he(ART) telling you?

xx, DP