Yayoi Kusama – Accumulation Sculptures aka “Sea Creatures” and Paintings @ Victoria Miro

The renowned Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama¬†work’s are currently on exhibition UPSTAIRS at Victoria Miro Gallery. For starters, these works are KOOKY. The artist who recently collaborated with¬†Louis Vuitton adds 7 NEW sculptures (which some could interpret as phallic while personally to me they look like sea creatures) to her Accumulation Series (which she started in the 1960s). The sculptures are surrounded by 12 of her paintings that are vibrant, energetic, and full of life, radiating brilliant colours, various patterns and biomorphic shapes. Kusama’s signature is that of the ever so classy polka-dot which can not only be found in her paintings, but also on the protrusions of her phallic “sea creature” sculptures. Remember, art is what you make of it. Look at it… what do you sea?


The exhibition runs until the 25th of May. I HIGHLY suggest you journey over to Hackney and check it out!