Pop Culture Portraits – Don’t Hate Me Cuz You Ain’t Me

There one time was a CRAZE when celebrities got photoshopped or posed as icons into photographs. For example

1.Kevin Bacon transformed into George Washington by the presidential painter Gilbert Stuart.enhanced-buzz-2975-1387791418-14

2. Mr. Bean posing in the Death of Marat by David.


3. HOV and Queen B as seen in American Gothic, by American artist Grant Wood. tumblr_msqpuw1UQF1shj7flo1_1280

4. Nicole Kidman as Lady with an Ermine by Italiano master extraordinaire, Leonardo da Vinci.

Celebrity Masterpiece22


Could this give a new meaning to Pop Culture? Is the current finally appreciating the past? Is David, Wood, da Vinci and more part of the everyday vernacular? Maybe not. But at least there is a some form of recognition.

And with today’s technology, citizens of Snapchat have taken pop culture and history to a whole new level. You won’t believe it.

Apparently much madness can be attributed to some SNAPCHATTER by the name Lyxdelsic, in captioning King Louis XIV by Hyacinthe Rigaud (b. 1701)… just took this game to a whole new level. “Don’t Hate Me Cuz You Ain’t Me.”


It just went there. And it does not stop:


I say keep on popping. Spread the word. Why not? To all you one liner Snapchatters, “may the odds be ever in your favour.”

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