Gallery: Soho (London) Street Art Sightings

If you are in Soho around Frith Street, keep your eyes open for these three new pieces, or at least new to my eye.

The first is an incredible stencil piece by #PaulDonSmith (below) I assume entitled “When Liberace Smiles” by the hand written text he added to this masterpiece. Truly fascinating. Detailed is an understatement. Brilliant in colour and technique.


The second piece that I came across was a piece that was done by the organisation Secret Walls. A company that creates local competitions between local street artists in cities from across the world (London, NYC, Berlin, and more) to create fabulous murals for the people. While I am unsure of the artist below, maybe you could help me out. Regardless of the artist, I still find this idea fascinating. Check out this black and white gem (below).


Lastly, I looked up and BOOM: an Invader (below). Shockingly, and I do not know how, I have never come across it before. While it is small and fading, it is still an Invader and still an artist I admire and am always excited to come across.


Happy Hunting Kids.


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