Gallery: The Biggest Disappointment: RA Summer Exhibition 2013

Royal Academy summer exhibition


While every year, apparently, people look forward to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition… I can without a doubt say that this show was the BIGGEST disappointment – possibly ever.

I have seen student shows in the states, I have seen student shows at other Uni’s in Europe… but for such an esteemed academy, the work was anything but.

But actually. It was a massive disappointment. The highlights were that of the architectural maquettes – which are for sale; opposed to the six tapestries by Grayson Perry (above) whose tapestries entitled The Vanity of Small Differences (based off of Hogarth’s A Rake’s Progress) are aesthetically appealing and visually/mentally time consuming when trying to grasp what is going on, however they are NOT for sale, and take a place on the cover of the book with works sold. I find this quite odd.

Did the RA know that all the works chosen were not so splendid so the work they chose for their cover is a work that is not being sold? I call this FALSE ADVERTISING.

I am not saying all these artists are lacking talent, but their works are heavily derived from per say Manet, Monet, Ellsworth Kelly, Alex Katz, etc. Or they are just plain horrific, and embrace numerous qualities of kitsch (ugh).

If I have no dissuaded you from visiting the show, and I do encourage you to go and have your own opinion, please let me know what you think. I love some great feedback!


One thought on “Gallery: The Biggest Disappointment: RA Summer Exhibition 2013

  1. I agree the RA show is a bit of a flea market but isn’t that the point? It allows amateurs from all over the country to hang work next to the work of professionals. It also allows artists who don’t have connections, to show their work in London. But the best thing about the show to me it, it educates the public into realizing, the most fashionable and/or the most famous artists, are not necessarily the best artists.

    The down side is that with only one piece of art per artist, you don’t see any work in any sort of context. You might be looking at a good piece of work which is a fluke or a modestly competent piece of work that doesn’t represent the overal quality of an artist’s work. It also means, only artists who work traditionally are able to submit work because works are seen in isolation. It is no good for an artist like me but I do think it can be positive for artists whose work is more traditional. ,

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