Gallery: On Sorrow: Teresa Margolles’ Glass Memorial


When you look at this walkway, what do you see? White walls? A cement floor? Is it a cement floor? What are we looking at? Is there something there, or do we have to use our imagination and just acknowledge that it is art, because someone has told you so. For example, moi.

For starters, it is a piece of art that can be found in Liverpool (England) called On Sorrow by Teresa Margolles. And what you are looking at is not a cement floor. Rather it is a floor comprised of glass chards (ground down) that were taken out of Mexico City and re-laid to make a walkway.

But why these glass chards? Well folks, these pieces of glass that have been put together were from windshields of cars that were shot at in Mexico City. The artist, Margolles, collected the glass not only from windshields of cars that were in a range of fire – whether the people in the car were innocent or not, but from other crime scenes as well.

Thus, this walkway, this space, that looks barren at first glance, has a story to tell. And yet, there are no indications, no signs anywhere, telling you the title of the work, artist, and even where it came from.

This makes this installation effectively a forgotten artwork not only by lack of indication in signage, but also because of its remote location/location as an alley way/walkway/path (where stories have been told that at times it is covered in graffiti and at other times it is a haven for drug deals to go down). Thus, a fascination arises as the viewer learns more and more about the work.

Perhaps one can only experience the death and destruction of the lives that were taken by recognising the ground that they are walking on is from crime scenes. While it sounds rather gloomy, we all need to recognise that everything is made for a reason. Everything happens for a reason – horrific or not. And what we must do is embrace and learn from our experiences to move on and change the past.

Find it in your he(ART) to tell a story, make a difference, and embrace the life you were given.


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