Gallery: It’s ARTISTA: The Interview


There is no doubt that from this website you can tell that since moving to London, I have become inspired by the work I see on a daily basis – not in museums, but rather on the STREETS. This artist, Kayleigh Doughty aka Artista (@ItsARTISTA) captured my eye from the first time I saw one of her works in the flesh. And after several months of following her work on Instagram and seeing it around London, I decided I would go for it and ask to do an interview (hey, it never hurts to try) ! GO FOR IT!

Read the Questions below followed by her FABULOUS answers:

1.     I have seen your work all over London and I would just like to say THANK YOU for brightening up the grey skies with your colourful additions to the streets of London. What inspires you to make your murals bright and colourful – is it just your personality in general, is it another artist, or is colour your means of reaching out to people? The use of colour in my work defiantly reflects my personality, bright colours are something i’ve always used right from the start and when painting I literally love watching all the colour hit the walls.

2.     Your work often has ice cream cones in it (yum) and turtles – what do these symbols mean to you? The cute symbols in my work often refer to experiences or people that exist in my personal life, other than that a lot of my work is based on things that are inviting, like Ice-creams and cake.

3.     How did you get started? Did you have a background in the arts or just decided one day you wanted to bring your talents to the community? I  was a creative child, winning art competitions since the age of four. Art was always something I enjoyed and the only thing people ever really said I was good at so I ran with it

4.     Are you solely based in London or do you travel around Europe and the States? Where is your favourite place to work? Im based in London, I have traveled a little bit around Europe and did spend alot of time in the states, but I was just getting a feel for those places and do intend on going back to push my work further.

5.     Which piece if your favourite work? Where is it and what is it of? I don’t really have a favorite piece of artwork, Im producing work and coming up with new ideas all the time, if I choose a favourite I feel like I’ve settled and I don’t ever want to settle I wanna keep it fresh. (FYI I too found it incredibly hard to pick a favourite – when I first asked ARTISTA this question, she asked me to choose my favourite one – so I sent it to her… and then I sent her two more – I couldn’t decide they are just so FUN, ENERGETIC, FULL OF LIFE, FRESH… you get the picture)

6.     If you could collaborate with any other artist who would it be and why? Over the last few months I have been collaborating with all types of artists, all of which have been so much fun! The one person ive always wanted to work with was Keith Haring. I was lucky to have been recognised by The Keith Haring foundation in 2009 via The Tate Modern, but one of my future goals is to do something bigger with them. Keith to me was and still is a absolute legend, he didn’t just paint brightly coloured pieces, his motives and how he connected with people was so empowering.

7.     Where can we purchase the clothes with your work I see on your instagram?! What a great way to reach a broader audience I may add! A range of my artwork can be purchased on garments via my website store @ –> YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT, MAY I SAY!! (picture of AWESOME denim jacket below – how much cooler can it get?!)


Well Kayleigh, THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking your time not only to answer the questions, but for giving us a unique insight into your work! Can’t wait to see what you have in stock for us in the future!

XX, DP (@DPAYT / @CultureHeARTs)

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