Gallery: The Foreigners Stand Still: Seb Patane @ Fondazione Giuliani


Fondazione Giuliani is pleased to present The Foreigners Stand Still, Seb Patane’s first SOLO show at our favourite not-for-profit foundation in the marvellous city of Roma, from 20th April to 19th July.

The exhibition is based on an idea of UNCONVENTIONAL performance and aims to convey a sense of ORGANISED CHAOS, playing on a balance between visual rhythms and subtly incongruent sounds. Photographs, video and sound pieces are like components of a theatre set, composed in order to suggest an environment suspended between reality and fiction where sounds and images operate at the subconscious level. Patane creates alternative spaces of action and fruition, reflecting on abstraction rather than representation to deconstruct, reassemble and trigger new productions of meaning.

Formally austere, the installations only appear to contain a clearly defined message, while creating flexible and dynamic environments in which reminiscences of architectural structures are combined with symbols of violence and collective rebellion. Photographs and prints of marked historical and political connotations are selected through an instinctive, subjective approach. What attracts the artist is not so much the content of these testimonials of the past – collective gatherings, rituals and propaganda messages – but rather their aesthetic function, at one time a tool to convey a precise message, that today cues for new visualisations.

The artist gives his own point of view, but the potential of the image continues to be called into play to develop from spectator to spectator. The sound element acts as a rhythmic particle of the visual structure, which increases the internal contrast while simultaneously constructing a type of mantra.

For The Foreigners Stand Still, Patane has underscored a core belief of the artist: that truths are never fixed and always changing.

While there will be NEW/REWORKED versions of previous works present, there will also be NEW NEW works, that have yet to be seen… that is until you go to ROMA and check it out (for more details on where the institution is located click on the link above).


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