Gallery: K and D – Elephant and Castle STREET ART Exploration


So, as per usual, K and I went on another street art adventure, this time, to Elephant and Castle. We came across some absolutely, utterly FAB TO THE MAX pieces, yet we also came across some very politically charged ones as well.

The GRAFFITI JACKPOT area was deserted, but glorious in its own unique way. The housing estates were cleared out. Windows were smashed. Rubbish was everywhere. While some may find this dull and depressing, it is the colourful street art that brought light back to this gloomy environment.

Below are the Politically Charged Pieces we found – intense… I know:




NOW, contrast these political pieces with the bright and brilliant colours of the magnificent murals and enlightening mottos. See for yourself:




And with that last pic, I say we end on a positive note… LIVE YOUR LIFE. Live it to the fullest. Turn a negative situation into a positive one – even though some of you may be thinking how is “vandalising” the emptied projects positive? Well let me tell you something… Go and walk around that area. You will see how colour makes all the difference.

See for yourself, you never know when it will be gone. That is the beauty in graffiti.  One day it can be there, and the next day it is erased. I suggest you embrace it. Embrace life. Follow your He(ART).


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