Gallery: Nothing is Impossible if You Follow Your He(ART)- Got to Dance London Winner Lukas McFarlane

While we can for sure say I have not conquered the art of dance, and rather I have conquered the art of art, dare I say so myself – or so I think, this Canadian performer, Lukas McFarlane breaks boundaries in his contemporary/modern/lyrical… combination of dance. Yes I know that that is an incredibly long sentence but it is true.

When I came to London I did’t know what the “tele” would be like. At home I’m more of an SVU kind of gal, but after watching the auditions of Got to Dance it brought me back to my childhood, and made me once again realize that you have gotta do what you have gotta do to CONQUER your dreams.

And that is what our friend Lukas has done. Not only did he leave Canada for the chance to compete in this dance contest, but he left his whole family behind to follow his dreams. And guess what… IT PAID OFF.

While the video I am posting is NOT his final piece that won him the title of Season 4 Got to Dance winner, I am showing you his audition piece. Take it with He(ART). Breathe it in. Live it. Follow your dreams. You can do it.

See how far your he(ART) can go. It’s not IMPOSSIBLE.

xx, DP

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