Gallery: Is That a REAL Person? Duane Hanson’s Hyper-Realist Sculptures


You turn the corer in a museum, and BAAM, you see someone who you think is real… but are they? Get closer. And closer. And closer.


The American artist Duane Hanson depicts every day people in a SUPER HYPER-realist style. His attitudes towards the people he casts and then dresses turn out to be somewhat humorous.You have the old couple in their utterly tacky vacation wear, the woman at the grocery store with her curlers FULLY in tact, and sometimes you’ll come across a celebrity like the Miami Dolphin’s stud Dan Marino.

Hanson started making these incredibly lifelike sculptures starting in the 70s. The sculptures are made from casting actual people – so yes, their bodies are fully covered from head to toe, and once the cast dries, he applies a fiberglass coat which then he paints to make the skin look realistic by adding veins and blemishes (gross). While his work is often associated with the POP art movement, it also falls into the category of hyperrealism.

Keep your eyes open for these “sculptures.” You never know if what you are looking at is real or not. And trust me, sometimes you never know … but for real.


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