Gallery: The Met Buys a David for $840 – Say What?!


On January 29, 2013 Swann Galleries in New York City had an auction of Old Masters. Super. Right? Well, if you are interested in those old dudes and traditional art genres. But the Met totally stole the show, after it happened. How?

Well they purchased a piece, The Death of Socrates, with a shaky provenance  “French School, Early 19th Century.” It was estimated to reach $700. But the Met got it for a higher price, but still a bargain, compared to what it is really worth – because the reality of it, is that it is an actual Jaques-Louis David (you know, that artist who painted the Oath of Horatii which can be found in the Louvre- picture below).


David created this work as a study for The Death of Socrates. And the Met purchased the original work in 1931.


Keep your eyes open – you never know what you will come across.


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