Gallery: Herb & Dorothy Vogel – Cutest Collectors with the Best Eyes for Art


What an INCREDIBLE and AMAZING story these two lovely people have to tell the world. While Herb was a the son of a garment worker from Harlem, Dorothy was the daughter of an Orthodox Jewish stationery merchant from outside of NYC. Herb never finished high school but Dorothy got a BA from Syracuse and an MA from the University of Denver both in library sciences. This was all before 1962 – the year in which they got married.

Herby delivered mail and received an income of roughly $20,000 per year in which the couple agreed to allocate that money to buy art, while Dorothy supported their living expenses through her work as a librarian. BRILLIANT.

While I do not wish to expose any more of this romantic story of two average folks turned MAJOR art collectors, I encourage you ALL to watch their tell-all (although we REALLY ENCOURAGE you to buy their movie from Amazon or even watch it on Netflix but if you can’t we understand, so we gave you the link) unbelievable movie about their collecting and collection. From Sol Lewitt to Richard Tuttle and back to our man Roy Lichtenstein (and those are just a few of the artists in their collection, literally there are hundreds) these cuties had it all! Not only did they collect art but they spoke firmly with their artist friends and had no shame in sharing their opinion – especially boss man Herb. Sadly, Herb passed away in 2012. RIP

Thank you for your inspiration Herb and Dorothy, it is our hope from the bottom of our he(ART)s that you, our readers, find a passion like they had, and as we have.

Watch it to believe it.

xx, DP

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