Gallery: 90s He(ART)throbs Got Sprayed

Saved by the IllZack MorrisScreech Powers

Iron Pumping A.C Slater (Top). Womanizer Zack Morris (Middle). Geek (Chic?) Screech Powers (Bottom). In some kooky way or another, these he(ART)throbs were our versions of the ideal hottie. But now, we are not only watching re-runs on the Tele, but Miami has got its very own murals dedicated to the greatness of the 90s. As I was driving around the “outskirts” of Mi-ya-yo on a search for graffiti, I saw these three murals out of the corner of my eye. Was this for real? Am I really seeing this? Seriously though… Getting closer, my childhood flashed before my eyes. Mr. Belding. Lisa Turtle. Kelly Kapowski. Jessie Spano. OMG these murals were “Ill.” And by “ill” I mean sick. Sick as in good. Sick as in AMAZING. Just pure brilliance. Saved by the Bell has been revived on the streets – Saved by the Ill.

You know, sometimes it is good to look and and reflect. Turn your memories into art. Get inspired.

xx, DP

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